Things to do in and around Cefn Tilla Court

Things to do in and around Cefn Tilla Court

Summer might be over but there’s still plenty to do in and around Cefn Tilla Court! The weather in Wales doesn’t have the best reputation, so grab your umbrella and check out the best of South Wales.

At Cefn Tilla

When the weather is great, we’ve got acres of rolling gardens for you to stroll around, play lawn games, or however else you want to treat it as your own. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse, how about dusting off that fishing rod and sitting next to our stunning lake one afternoon? The rain means insects are more likely to be flying just above the surface of the water, drawing the fish closer to the surface and increasing your chances of catching something.

And if fishing isn’t your thing, how about some clay pigeon shooting? Rob has been running these shoots since day one and was part of Team GB at the European Championships – he’ll give you the best tips to improve your aim and keep you warm with plenty of tea (or something stronger!).

Near Cefn Tilla

We’re only a few miles from the picturesque town of Usk (and of course the river Usk). When the weather’s not great there are plenty of gorgeous coffee shops, gift shops and boutiques to have a look around – as well as visiting Usk Castle or taking a stroll by the river when the sun is out!

A stones throw further north, there’s Sugarloaf – one of the southern summit peaks of the Black Mountains. The walk up takes just under an hour allowing plenty of time to stop and admire the stunning views. From the summit, you can see across the Black Mountains to the north, the Cotswolds to the east and as far as the Brecon beacons and the Bristol Channel.

If you time your trip right, Abergavenny food festival is a must – It’s been voted in the top 10 food festivals in the country! And even if you miss the actual food festival, the town is packed full of stunning restaurants and delis – it’s a real foodies treat.

In the opposite direction you’ll find Chepstow Racecourse, with 32 meetings a year there’s plenty of races for you to catch. And on top of that they run amazing events such as live music and dinner, The Chepstow Stampede (similar to’Tough Mudder’), and even had Tom Jones performing there a while back!

So of course you can come visit and chill if you’d like – but there are so many other activities around for the adventurous, the events lovers, or the foodies!