Memory Lane At Cefn Tilla: A brief history of our time

Memory Lane At Cefn Tilla: A brief history of our time

We’re about to take you on a trip down memory lane where we will discuss the events and happenings of the year 1856, 1956 and 2056 (yes really!). A 200 year exploration of the history of Monmouthshire and wales. Short but very sweet, just like a weekend at Cefn Tilla.

Where Cefn Tilla all began – 1856

An iconic year for Cefn Tilla Court. And so begins the story and all its trappings.

Regular visitors to this site may already know that Cefn Tilla was rescued in 1856 by the Raglan Memorial Committee in memory of Lord Raglan, a commander in the British Army. More info can be found about it’s origins on the Cefn Tilla About page

All this will have been featured in the prominent newspaper – Monmouthshire Merlin. This paper reported both local and national news and ran from 1829 – 1884, being under the stewardship of 4 publishers: Charles Hough, John Nash, Edward Dowling and William Christopher (in chronological order).

Monmouthshire Merlin


Fast forward 100 years to….1956

It’s hard to believe, especially with all the recent news about the Royal Family: Eugene’s’ nuptials, Harry and Meghan’s pregnancy announcement – and the current Prince of Wales – William and his ever increasing brood, that there wasn’t a Prince or Princess of Wales in 1956, the title being incumbent.

Luckily, there was a Dame around to fill in any royalty gaps. Super Shirley Bassey releasing her first single that year, appropriately titled ‘Burn My Candle (at both ends).

The Future of Cefn Tilla – 2056

Now, the observant amongst you will notice we’re not quite there, or here yet! This will give us a chance to predict the future, and those of you amongst us here in nigh on 50 years will have a chance to let on how right, or wrong I was!

One thing is for sure, stately homes like Cefn Tilla will become more revered, and grade || listed buildings will be even more protected and valuable. Meaning staying at Cefn Tilla can become more iconic and will help maintain the wow factor it currently enjoys.

Ironically, traditional buildings will always remain current. But what will become of other advancements in technology and how will this affect Cefn Tilla and it’s guests?

Currently you can check in online, pay by card/phone and have as minimal contact with our lovely staff as you wish (why would you!) but what of the future. Can you check in with your eyeball, pay for your food with the microchip in your wrist and tip the waiter with a click of the fingers. Garnering their attention in a better way than times past.

Robots cleaning your room, cranes parking your car, the list of possibilities is endless. However, one thing is for certain at Cefn Tilla, we prefer the human touch and will endeavor to provide that now and forever more. Based on feedback from our previous guests, our customer service along with our historic views and location are among the best in the country. So don’t worry, us and all the staff will stick around as long as the guests do 😉

Cefn Tilla Court History