Here Comes The Groom

Consider this, you the beautiful bride, have spent countless hours trying on everything in the wedding dress shop. You’ve humoured your bridal party and tried on the obviously ‘not you’ dresses. And you’ve fallen for the to the one you are convinced will make you look as sassy as Jessica Rabbit … only to turn into Dame Edna Everage upon trying it on!

Only when you have finally settled upon a silhouette or style do you then go into every detail, from the pattern of the lace to the length of the train. As much of a rite of passage as it is, at times, it can feel a chore. But, let’s try to remember why we are doing this. You are going to be spending lots of time and money on the dress and it has to be right! That’s why we believe that it’s just as important to give this excitement, affection and attention into the choice of what the groom goes for! So, when it comes to originality, comfort and style don’t overlook the Grooms attire. Here at Cefn Tilla we are so lucky to have seen a huge variety of outfits on our handsome Groomsmen.

For grooms that want to shine as bright as their brides – and why not!- we recommend thinking out of the box when it comes to texture! Without navigating away from the traditional suited and booted silhouette, we firmly believe the grooms secret weapon is all in the detail. Textures from jacquard, sharkskin, velvets and tweeds will give an added dimension to photographs.  ut, just as the bride decides upon on the dress neckline, to have cap sleeves or none at all, and wonders if she may need to wrap up warm or cool down, be sure to give the same consideration to the choice of suit fabric.

Texture will be important in terms of visual appeal but don’t forget it can have a great impact upon the weight and therefore warmth for the wearer. Our advice here is to consider the weight of the fabrics along with the detail, as a rule of thumb 11oz fabric is perfect for a typical British day. If you are looking into a high summer wedding, consider a suit weight of between 7-10 oz or for comfort in midwinter go for a weight of between 14-20 oz.

For those with no issue braving the cold Kilts are always a great look! Perhaps it’s the adorable nod to the family from the north, or a symbol of him becoming part of the brides clan and supporting her heritage. Either way, they add a charm and character to any wedding. The style can easily be translated into the venue decoration and theme, the tartan colours can be incorporated into flowers or ribbons as an effortless way to bring the days theme together.

Our only advice is, if you are looking at kilts be sure to understand the etiquette as there are many unwritten rules to abide by here depending upon the clan heritage.  Once you have chosen the tartan, the formality of the day will dictate the final outfit. From kilt pin placement to the sporran, be sure to give each detail, as well as its traditional connotations the right consideration.

Above all its important to find comfort in whatever you wear, there are so many options that it can, at times, feel overwhelming but don’t fret, it’s worth your time to find the right outfit for you both so you can enjoy your day.