Clay Pigeon Shooting

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  • Arrive at historic country house, former seat of Lord Raglan
  • Enjoy freshly brewed coffee in front of a roaring fire in the Great Hall
  • Introduction to your loader/instructor for the day
  • Safety talk
  • Introduction to clay shooting
  • Choice of shooting stands to sample different target trajectory
  • 25 clays and cartridges
  • Use of club gun and safety wear
  • Return to Great Hall for a cup of tea and debrief
  • Top gun prize
  • Depart for home
  • Time approx. 1 hour
  • £49.00 per person inclusive (minimum of 5 people)

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We can also provide a bespoke package for your requirements:

  • Breakfast served for up to 30 guests
  • Various clay target stands, up to 100 targets per person
  • Champagne and traditional Sloe Gin in the field to finish the day prior to lunch in an excellent local restaurant
  • One to one coaching from current Welsh team members

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Enjoy the fresh country air. Blow off some steam. Build relationships with your team that will translate into a more efficient working environment back at the office. Clay pigeon shooting at Cefn Tilla Court can make your next corporate event one to remember!

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There is no need to compromise when you book your wedding at Cefn Tilla Court. You can have the intimate experience of having just your family and closest friends at the ceremony and then throw the sort of party befitting an occasion as auspicious as your wedding in a well-appointed  luxury wedding marquee for up to 300 evening guests. Obtain whatever look and feel your heart desires for as many guests as you want. A wedding marquee is your blank canvas to craft the wedding of your dreams.

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“Great setting, lovely grounds and in Wales which is rare, often have to travel over the bridge to shoot. More shooting on a weekend please!”

Wendy Ward