Cefn Tilla Court – Your Home From Home

Holiday at home, staycation: whatever slogan is trending- it’s the term that we can all get on board with; especially the British Tourist Board.

More couples and families are choosing so spent their hard earned cash at home rather than abroad, not just down to Brexit and the ever decreasing EURO exchange rate.

Cheaper & Chirpier

The weaker pound gets you less than abroad than to what we are used to. However, at home, the British Buck still gets you what you pay for. Going abroad usually involves flying at some point, and the added expenses can include luggage allowance, commuting costs, food & drink, country taxes and more….

In the UK, you can usually get to where you need to be within a few hours drive and perhaps max out at one pitstop en route.

Take your time

You can pack the car when you wake up at a leisurely pace and set off when you feel like or when the kids are finally ready! Making sure you’ve had breakfast before you go and all bladders are emptied pre-journey. Compared to growing abroad where you have to be at checkout 3 hours before an international flight with allowing extra time for the possibility of unexpected traffic. Where your holiday can get off to a stressful start, relaxing has never seemed so far away.

Food for thought

Granted there are some exquisite cuisines that can be sampled around the World, but ignoring the fact that we have some great food right on our own very shores. The regional Welsh Rarebit, Scottish Haggis or English Fish & Chips are delightful tasting experiences. With more Michelin stars than reality stars you will be sure to find a award winning restaurant in the majority of the UK’s cities.

Historical Sites

Britain has such a rich, colourful history and these sites and sounds are all within a few hours drive from most locations. Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, The Angel of the North or the classic Buckingham Palace. There is enough excitement to satisfy expectations from the historical buffs to the more casual observers.

Time is on your side

If it’s just for a short break then time and the UK is on your side both metaphorically and physically.  Going abroad involves getting to the airport, checking in, clearing customs and of course the actual journey. All this (and unexpected delays) can almost use as much time as being on holiday. Plus you gotta do it all again on the way back!

Weathering the non-storms

With the join hottest UK summer on record for 2018, why would you want to go anywhere else. We’ve always had beautiful beaches on our doorstep, and now we’ve got the weather to make the most of them. No more excuses to flee the country Whether it’s the Pembrokeshire coast, Blackpool pleasure beach or Newquay (Wales & England), you can get your tan/surf/beach volleyball game on point.

There are a myriad of reasons to stay at home and people will always prefer certain reasons over others. A good tip is to pick your preferred reasons for going abroad and check that can be satisfied in the UK. Pick your poison and let that decide your destination.