How to pick your perfect wedding venue and dress.

Wedding season is nearly here, and there couldn’t have been a better way to get us in the mood than the Royal wedding!

Watching the Royals get hitched got us thinking about all the big, (and little) things that you need to think about for your big day to make it absolutely perfect. To get some ideas why not head over to our ‘Wedding Checklist & Handy Guide to Planning Your Wedding Day

If a checklist seems too daunting at the moment, read on. We’ve put together a quick and easy read on two of the most important decisions for bride to be  – the wedding venue and the wedding dress.

The Perfect Wedding Venue

Picking the venue is not only one of the first decisions you will make, but also one of the toughest. It’s hugely dictated by your budget and will consequently dictate your wedding theme, number of guests and even the dress that you wear. However, once you’ve got the wedding venue sorted, everything else should start falling into place! 

If you’re struggling to pick the perfect location, or are torn between a few venues, we’ve put together some points which might help your decision:

  • Think about your budget realistically
  • Think about the style of wedding you want 
  • Think about what time of year you’d like your wedding
  • Think about how many guests you will be inviting to the day and the evening
  • Think about accommodation for your guests
  • Think about whether you want to plan the wedding yourself or whether you will hire a wedding planner

The Perfect Wedding Dress

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl, or you’ve never thought of it until your other half popped the question, choosing a wedding dress can be stressful. It’s probably the most expensive dress you will every buy,  but that’s justified because it is the one day every girl should look and feel like a princess. And of course you’ll want to look amazing in the photographs.

You may be a bride that dreams of a big and bold princess dress, you may want something more subtle or you may be a bride that has no idea. Whichever bride you are, take a look at our wedding dress shopping tips to help you find your dream dress:

  • Start early – some dresses can take months to be made (and then there’s the alteration time) so be sure to look around early if you want a handmade dress
  • Don’t have a set dress in mind – what looks awful on a hanger might end up being the one. Our advice is try everything on and keep an open mind, you might find that your dream dress is nothing like you expected.
  • Know your theme – once you’ve picked your venue, it may be a little easier to choose a dress, for example are you getting married on a beach or in a country castle?
  • Think about the extras: How will you wear your hair? Will you have a veil? Will you be wearing jewellery? How high are your shoes going to be? All of these things should be factored into the budget.

If you’re still struggling for ideas, or want to get started on the wedding planning, come along to our Wedding Fayre on Sunday 3rd June (11am – 4pm). You’ll be greeted by a drink and canapés on arrival and will be able to see everything you need to make your wedding day super special.

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